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Bring Your Artwork to Our Fine Art Appraisers
in Illinois for an In-Depth Valuation of Its Worth

Proven Art Appraisals for Enhancing Your Knowledge of Your Collection

Discover the true value of your various art pieces with detailed appraisals from our knowledgeable experts in Illinois. Fine Art Appraisals' fine art appraisers want you to know the true value of your entire collection and each piece that resides in your collection, which is why we provide exceptional art appraisals at affordable rates. Contact us to for your first set of art appraisals.

How We Perform Art Appraisals
Our fine art appraisals consist of 2 steps. First, we take digital photographs of your artwork and document them with estimated values at the given time. We include all photos in your report, so if anything is damaged, there is a copy of the work. Once we have the photos and perform the research, we can provide an appraisal in an undetermined amount of time that depends on the size of your collection.

Appraising for Insurance Coverage
The standard insurance timeline is 3 to 5 years from the time you purchased your artwork. We provide a report that lists the description of each piece and its value for your insurance company to record. It is important to have this coverage because it's separate from your homeowners insurance, which doesn't provide coverage for high-value artwork.

Call us in Illinois at 847-529-8610 for fine art appraisals that help you in your collecting.